Auset, First of the Divine Amongst Women: A Simple Rite and Prayer for Honoring the Goddess Auset By Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa, Pr.H/ Temple of Auset Nevada

Divine Auset

At any time, day or night, the Goddess Auset, Isis is the hearer of our prayers.  Compassionately and without limitation, the Goddess manifests to those who need Her, regardless of their religious allegiances or spiritual inclinations.  When the heart is ready, Auset is ready.  When the child cries out, the Mother comes resolutely to the aid.  It is no matter that we may be faulty, angry or in doubt.  Our imperfections are absorbed by this indefatigable goddess, whose heart knows no prejudice nor displays favoritism.  All living creatures belong to Her, and all living beings are inside Her care.

This very simple rite and prayer have been of great service to me in times of doubt or despair, but most especially when my heart ached for love and kindness, but found none in the realm of humanity.  It’s purpose is to connect us with Isis no matter where we are or under what conditions we find our heart and mind.

Although a picture of the Goddess Auset is desirable, as are offerings such as candles, flowers and incense, if these are not present, simply close your eyes and visualize a space in which an image of the Goddess manifests, and beautiful offerings spontaneously arise.  For the Goddess Auset sees all things that take root in the mind, and She will know your heart when it is open and filled with love.

Love is the greatest gift of Mother Auset, and it is in Her loving embrace that we learn to cultivate, cherish, and offer this blessing to others.  Let us begin with Isis, and from there channel that love into every other place in our life.  So may it be.

  • A candle is lit in the presence of an icon or picture of the Goddess Auset.  Incense is offered, and its smoke wafted over the head of the celebrant in a blessing and token of receiving.  Stand silent for a few moments before saying the prayer out loud.  If for whatever reason the prayer cannot be said out loud, read it softly to one’s self.

Hail Auset, Isis, First of the Divine Amongst Women!  Your peace is with me, and I am with Your peace.

Hail Auset, Isis, First of the Divine Amongst Women! Your love abounds, Your kindness grows, and in me Your Spirit flourishes.

Hail Auset, Isis, First of the Divine Amongst Women!  Whatever I touch is touched by You, for there is no heart in all of creation that has not been touched by Your love.

Hail Auset, Isis, First of the Divine Amongst Women!  I am Your lighthouse, the beacon of Your justice, generosity and salvation.  Those who call on You cannot be lost.  Those who live in You shall live forever.

Hail Auset, Isis, First of the Divine Amongst Women!  Blessed are You amongst the Gods, for the fruit which came forth from Your womb was the Sun.

Hail Auset, Isis, First of the Divine Amongst Women!  May my hands be filled with Your purpose and my feet strengthened with Your divine power, for You are the shield of the weak and the arm of the oppressed.  Those who call upon You are not taken by darkness, but lifted into the embrace of everlasting life.

Hail Auset, Isis, First of the Divine Amongst Women!  May You walk with my heart and shape my life to Your purpose.  I receive Your mercy, tenderness, solace and light, and to all I bestow these virtues, for You, my Mother, are the Great Mother of all beings.

Dua Auset!

All text copyright © 2001-2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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