Praising Queen Auset and Entering Her House By the Rt. Rev. Lady Zarita M. Zook, Arch Priestess of Auset/ Temple of Auset Nevada

Auset Pylons Philae

Come with me, children of the Gods, let us enter the Great Temple of Auset, Isis!  As we walk through its grand pylons, we hear the chanting of the ancient priesthood in the distance. The Temple is cool and refreshing, the torches flicker on the gleaming walls of electrum.  Let us sing the great hymns of praise, whose words are inscribed on beautiful columns. Let us dance with joy.  Let us join the never-ending prayers of thousands of years.

O Auset, Isis, Great One Who rises and dispels darkness!

O Mistress of Flame, Who slays Apep in an instant.

O Golden One, Who illumines the Two Lands with radiance, and Who fills the Earth with gold dust.

O Auset, Isis, come to Your House and join Your Image, Your Radiance, inundating the faces of Your children like Ra when He shows Himself in the morning.

Join with me daily in this prayer my children!

O Auset, Isis, Queen of the Universe!  Help us live our lives According to Your right laws.

Grant us the skill to build Your Great Temple upon a firm foundation.

Bless the edifice to be a vessel worthy of holding Your beacon of Light that will cover the Earth with radiance.

All text copyright © 2005-2015 Rt. Rev. Zarita M. Zook

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