Everyone’s Butterfly: A Poetic Tribute to Lady Loreon Vigné, Arch Priestess/ Temple of Isis California, By Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa, Pr.H/ Temple of Auset Nevada

Everyone's Butterfly

Twilights come and nightshades fall,
The sky receives the raven’s call.
The blush of youth,
Burning in the morning’s light,
Matures as unfolds the heavy
Blanket of night.

All that ends begins again,
When morning returns
To let the light back in.

Sparkle, pulse, shine and glimmer,
Even at dusk when the lights
Grow dimmer.

The timid moth awaits her time,
With endeavor and faith she weaves.
To and fro, a home she does grow,
In damp green Earth and leaves.

A crow’s call pierces the starry night,
Beneath round face of alabaster light.
The rooster springs
When blue bird sings,
Another dawn, with life it brings.

The moth, so timid, whose colors wait to shine,
Prepares to disappear
Within the cocoon of time.

Gilded sun and silver moon,
Your lights they fade, like life,
Too soon.
But they come again, with the dawn,
Pulse and glimmer,
With fire and passion,
The colors they shimmer.

Whisper, shelter, gentle home,
She has hidden a secret
That blossoms alone.
Through nights of flaxen stars,
Days of burning color,
She transforms nature’s mettle to a form
Like no other.

Alone, inspiration grows,
But dazzles when colors reveal
What once hid a secret,
Has become open and real.

A lark on high heralds dawn’s reign,
The burst of new life
Awakens again.

Tears, sorrow and strife
Recede as the tides,
And timid cocoon bursts
With colors that fly.

Our star, our love, our golden wings flashing,
In time have risen,
Over seas and tides crashing.

Though twilights return,
And nightshades are drawn,
Always sings the triumphant sun,
Forever comes the dawn.

Lavender, purple, royal and free,
Your cocoon has revealed a secret in me!

That love is renewed
And eternal, it grows.
It sprouts its wings,
And nobody knows
When a soul shall be born
Or spring free in the sky,
For you, little moth, have become
Everyone’s butterfly.

All text copyright © 2014-2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

We Need You Isis: A Hymn to the Goddess Isis By the Rt. Rev. Lady Loreon Vigne, Arch Priestess/ Temple of Isis California

Auset and Heru

NOTE: This hymn or song to the Goddess Isis was presented by Lady Loreon on January 18, 2003 during the Consecration ceremonies of the World Peace Temple of Isis in San Diego, California, and is used currently by the clergy & supporters of Temple of Isis Nevada as a constant reminder of Goddess ethics in the current age. No changes- either in wording or punctuation- were made in the transcription of this text from the original copy provided by Lady Loreon.


Oh Isis, dear Isis
We need you now
For humans living on Earth
Do not know how
To live in peace and harmony
No matter what their path
Men fight and kill each other
With anger, hate, and wrath
They pollute our lovely planet
With poisons that destroy
The wondrous wildlife that abounds
For humankind to enjoy
They strip the green rain forests
Pollute the waters too
Oh Isis, dear Isis
We know not what to do
We need you!

We need your compassion
To teach us all to live
To be more fully human
To learn to forgive
To practice lots of kindness
To all of any faith
No matter what their color
Or religion or their race
To see the universe as one
To worship the Divine
To honor each and everyone
As a beautiful design
To be always thankful
For all that you provide
And honor each and every day
With Isis by our side
Oh Isis, be with us,
Come to us from above
We need your blessed beauty
We need your healing love
We need you!

So Isis from Her place on high
Heard the Priestess plea
She came to Earth to find a way
And gave us this decree
You must just love each other
And give thanks every day
Protect the gifts upon the Earth
And take some time to pray
I am here! I am here! I am here!

All text copyright © 2003 Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigné

Honoring the Earth, Composed By the Rt. Rev. Lady Loreon Vigné, Arch Priestess of Isis/ Temple of Isis California

Honoring the Earth

I will honor the planet that we live on
For there really is no other
We are all sisters We are all brothers
And the Earth She is our Mother

I will honor the Sun and the Moon
For they shine on us together
The Sun is our Yang The Moon is our Yin
And they light our way forever

I will honor the plants and trees
For they grow with such great beauty
The trees give us fruits The plants give us food
Their designs are a mystery

I will honor the rivers and streams
And the waters of the ocean
For water is so sacred It purifies our lives
It deserves our full devotion

So let us honor the Planet, the Sun and the Moon
The plants and the trees, the valleys and the hills
The rivers and the streams and all that live upon the Earth.

All text copyright © 2005-2014 Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigné