Homage to the Goddess Mut By the Rt. Rev. Lady Zarita M. Zook, Arch Priestess of Auset/ Temple of Auset Nevada

Bracelet With Mut

Homage to You Mut, Great Mother and Queen of the Gods and Goddesses, Whose temple is at the sacred lake in Waset.

Homage to You Mut, Wife of Amun and Mother of Khonsu, Who wears the Crown of the South and holds the papyrus scepter.

Homage to You Mut, Goddess of the Queens, Whose symbol and name mean “mother”, and who wears the headdress of the vulture.

Homage to You Mut, who wears the Crown of the North and holds the Ankh which is life.

Homage to You Mut, Divine Mother and Queen of United Kemet!

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