The Prayer For Summoning the Courage of Auset From “The Isian Book of Hours”~ By Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa, Pr.H/ Temple of Auset Nevada

Animated Thet Knot

O Auset, I come near Your Light,
And fear does not touch me,
Nor death contain me.
Like a butterfly, I burst forth in
The morning’s pale light,
Where shadows disappear
In the presence of Your tender footsteps.

Be near me, Mother Auset,
Mistress of the dawn,
And I will draw near You.
Transformation becomes me,
And You become me, the
Mistress of my heart,
The crowning glory of the fire-clad

For the sun which shines through You
Is the Son given seed from Your womb.
I call Him forth from You, the Noble Falcon,
And plant my hope in this Your promise
Kept true for humankind.

In You I uncover the secret Mysteries,
Which, when unraveled in Your lover’s
Heart, shine like the newly born sun,
Without hindrances, shed upon all
Creatures in creation.

I take up Your name, immortal Auset,
Root Mother of the tribes of the earth,
And I walk with You, for You, abundant
In Your love and embraced in Your light.

Today I go forth in Auset,
Proclaiming the good news of Her greatness,
The everlasting Mother from Whom true
Salvation is won.
So may it be!

All text copyright © 2001-2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa